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Recent news reports from Microsoft are both intriguing and generating hope for web developers everywhere. In the past, the tech giant used to maintain a different stand that was not often helpful for web developers and third party browsers other than Internet Explorer. However, Microsoft has finally realized the increasing popularity for other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. The latest decision of the Redmond based corporate to extend Microsoft help by launching BrowserSwarm has been received with praise by most Web developers.

BrowserSwarm’s significance

BrowserSwarm is an open-source tool developed and released by Microsoft. The tools aim at enabling JavaScript frameworks testing and library across various browsers. Obviously, it is a sign that Microsoft is moving away from its orthodox stance in the past to support only Microsoft based services.

According to officials from Microsoft, BrowserSwarm would help web developers build inter-operable frameworks. According to reliable sources from Microsoft, the company believes that well-designed frameworks would lay the foundation for modern web. However, there has not yet been a reliable tool, which that could be used to test libraries across both Microsoft browsers and devices along with testing JavaScript frameworks. Microsoft has rightly understood this requirement and developed an effective testing tool.

According to experts, most web developers have advanced wed designing and developing skills. Nevertheless, they fail in the industry owing to the lack of a reliable and effective frameworks testing tool for different platforms. In fact, developers had to invest enormous amount of money just for the sake of testing the frameworks. Now, with BrowserSwarm, all such inconveniences are bypassed.

About BrowserSwarm

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The advanced framework testing tool has been developed by Microsoft together with Souce Labs and AppendTo. According to the developers, the tool simplifies the testing of frameworks and libraries on Microsoft platforms.

Testing frameworks and libraries using BrowserSwarm

As per the claims of its developers, testing the frameworks and libraries with BrowserSwarm is simple and does not take a great amount of time. The developer has to specify what the tool will do after browsing and selecting a framework or library.

If the specific framework that a developer uses belongs to a third party developer, BrowserSwarm does not block you from accessing the tool. In fact, using this Microsoft help based tool, you can find test results for a great number of frameworks like Jquery or BackBone.js.

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