Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop Protocol 8.1 For Windows 7 Computers

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Microsoft released the latest update for their Remote Desktop Protocol for Windows 7 users with Service Pack 1 installed lately. The new Remote Desktop Protocol 8.1 update from Microsoft allows the users to have access to some of the newest remote connection features found in the new operating system of Microsoft like Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. According to the latest news we get from Microsoft help and support, the greatest feature of the new update is the support for session shadowing. This feature can be effectively used while sharing a connection between an end user by the support personnel for fixing the issues in the system.

Microsoft has made it clear that with the new update installed, IT professionals will be able to run session shadowing from the command line of Windows 7 computer with Service Pack 1. You can find the link to download the update from the Microsoft update site. One of the important things you should consider before going to update the program is that you need to have the RDP 8.0 installed in your system for installing the RDP 8.1 update on your system.

The new update also improves the user experience from the RemoteApp application for Windows 7 users. The RemoteApp application is a shell program used for running programs and apps in the client side. With the new update in place, the RemoteApp program will be able to run remote apps in the system same as running desktop apps. The update allows the user to display apps with transparent windows and borders like Microsoft Office 2013 on your system. The users will also be able to resize and move the application windows in the remote computer through the RemoteApp while in a remote desktop connection. This allows better view ability to the users.

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One of the best features of the new update for RDP is that it allows the Aero peek feature to work while using Remote Desktop connection. Now the users will be able to view the desktop with a single click on the Aero Peek button found at the right most end of the taskbar.

Microsoft help center claims that when used with Microsoft’s remote desktop apps, the new RDP8.1 update enables “a rich RemoteFX experience on a broad set of devices.” If you would like to know more about the Remote Desktop Protocol 8.1 update, feel free to visit the Windows update page.

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