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Do you have a business card? A business card a sleek and effective way to convey all your contact information to prospective clients and customers. A business card needs to be very elegant in design while conveying all the necessary information like name, contact, designation and where you work. You can start printing our own Business cards on publisher application. Here are simple instructions to print different types of business cards using the publisher application.

Using Different Card Sheets

  1. Open the File menu in Publisher and select Page Setup. Do this if you want to choose a different business card layout than the default layout.
  2. Click on the Label option in Publication type located in the Layout tab.
  3. Under the tab Page Size you can go through various other label sheets. Now select the layout for the sheet that you were printing.
  4. Click OK. Avoid using the design or layout options present in the Business Card Options task pane after you have selected a different layout. As the design may not fit correctly with the new layout, this option could cause small issues.
  5. Put the card stock in the printer and click on the Print option from the File menu.

How to print business Card in Portrait Orientation?

  1. Open the File menu and click New.
  2. Under the New publication task pane choose Business Cards in the Publications to Print menu.
  3. On your right you will options for choosing a design for your business card. However if you plan to use own design, just select one of the designs and delete all its elements.
  4. On the Business Card options task pane select Orientation and select Portrait. You might have trouble selecting a portrait if you have opted for a specialty paper design.

    Publication Type

           Microsoft Publisher applications designs business cards

  5. Now select the necessary fonts and colors that you wish to add to your Business Card. You can get options for these under Color Schemes and Font Schemes. Replace the text and start printing your business cards.

How to Print on both sides?

  1. Start by deigning the first side of the business card.
  2. From the Insert menu select Page.
  3. In the Insert Page dialogue box select OK.
  4. Now proceed to design the back of your business card and save the file in a convenient location.
  5. Start printing your business cards.

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