Microsoft To Let Self Publishing In Xbox One

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Rumors about indie games on Xbox One have long been in circulation. However, the tech giant kept completely mum about any plans on the same. The techies and the experts made their own story versions about the Xbox One console and the indie games for it. Perhaps it might have been one of the reasons for Microsoft help line to finally announce its plans about Xbox One Console in a rather unclear manner.

As per reports quoted by some sources, Xbox One will be equipped with the capacity to publish its own games. One of the Microsoft representatives said that the company wanted every person to be a game developer. He added that Xbox one is designed in way that would promote game development.

Although the announcement sounds bit odd to the beginners of Xbox One, experts and experienced users of Xbox are highly expectant about the announcement. As Xbox One gives users the chance to develop their own indie games, users will be able to make use of the unique features of Xbox One and Xbox Live. In a broader sense, this indicates self-publishing. As per expert’s opinion, the move is going to be one of the great cloud achievements.

People can discover more in their Xbox Live. However, Microsoft remained mum from divulging more about Xbox One and Xbox Live features. More details are expected to be released on Gamescom which is slated to take place in August.

Unique features of Xbox One

Meanwhile, cynics opined that the move will worsen the relationship between Microsoft and indie game developers in the long run. Both Microsoft and indie devs do not share a past of smooth relationships. However, there is no doubt that PlayStation 4 will have a positive impact as a result of the present decision.

Another set of rumors suggest that Xbox 360 will promote self-publishing later this year. The self publishing will include Pinball Arcade via Xbox Live Arcade. This was coupled with Microsoft’s announcement that indie developers can self-publish via Xbox Live Arcade. Had there not been such a decision, indie developers should have required to locate publishers for releasing their games.

Nonetheless, Microsoft hasn’t given a clear picture about all these. Techies and experts around the world are waiting for the occasion of Gamescom when Microsoft will release its official plans about Xbox 360 and indie game developing. Adding to the authenticity, Microsoft help line will also be incorporated with it. All the same, people have to wait until then for more updates.