How To Get Rid Of A Certificate Error In IE

How To Fix Certificate Error

On the internet, the one way to make sure you are visiting only secure sites is to have the browser check for the certificates. This is done automatically in almost all the modern browsers, which authenticate clients and servers before the user interacts with them. The certificates contain sensitive information, and that includes the browser communications. If a website has a faulty certificate, you will get an error when you try to open it in your browser.

Most browsers notify you with pop up boxes. As for how to fix certificate error in your browser, you stop the browser from checking for server certificate revocation. Here is how.

  • Go to the Start Menu and then go to Control Panel. Move to Classic View, which is on the left pane.
  • Choose Internet Options.
  • Move to the Advanced
  • Here, scroll down until you get to the Security
  • Deselect the option that reads Check for publisher’s certificate revocation.
  • Do the same for the option that reads Check for server certificate revocation.
  • After this is done, hit Apply, and then OK. Close the browser and launch it once more. This time you will not see the certification error messages when loading the site.

Alternatively, you could work from the other direction. The problem of a certificate error occurs when Internet Explorer finds that a certificate has invalid data. The certificate itself is meant to keep the system away from bad websites. So, instead of stopping the browser checking for these, you could clear the error in Registry Editor.

  • Go to Start and choose the Run In the text filed, type in regedit and hit OK. This will open the Registry Editor.
  • From the left pane, choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then navigate by choosing the following in sequence: SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Main and Feature Control.

    Faulty Certificate

  • While you are here, right click in an empty place and choose New, then Key.
  • In the key box, type FEATURE_ERROR_PAGE_BYPASS_ZONE_CHECK_FOR_HTTPS_KB954312 and press Enter. In the value box, type exe and hit Enter.
  • Bring up the edit menu and select Modify, then type in 1. Hit OK to save changes.

That was on how to fix certificate error in your browser using two methods – one from the browser itself, and the other from the Registry Editor. Both of these will work if you perform the steps right.

How To Fix A Slow Running Windows 7 Computer

Windows 7 Running Slow

Windows 7 operating system is one of the most popular and efficient operating systems released by Microsoft. With regular use, you will notice the Windows 7 running slow, and it can be due to accumulation of data in the hard drive or improper maintenance. Nevertheless, it is never desirable to work on a slow computer, as it can hinder the running of programs and consume more time on your part to complete tasks. Given below are some of the common causes why you may find Windows 7 running slow, and tips on how you can fix them.

Programs in the background

If you have a number of programs running in the background, and there is not enough RAM memory, it will affect the performance of the computer adversely. To fix this, either upgrade your RAM or terminate programs consuming much memory from the Task Manager.

Programs that startup when you power on the system can also affect its performance. To disable such unnecessary programs, access the Run command from the Start menu and enter msconfig. In the window that pops up, choose the Startup tab, which will show a list of programs that start on boot up automatically. Uncheck the names of programs that you wish to disable.

Windows Registry

Corruptions in the Windows Registry can also cause the computer to go haywire. Windows registry entries become corrupted due to improper program un-installations and multiple programs using the same key. However, there is no internal registry cleaner program available in the Windows OS. Hence, you need to make use of a third party registry cleaner for the purpose. Open the program, scan the registry and fix the issues found. You will also be able to get rid of invalid registries using registry cleaners.

Windows 7 Operating System

Spywares and Viruses

Presence of viruses and spyware can also affect the speed and efficiency of the computer much. Moreover, at times, you would be able to verify the presence of viruses only when the computer becomes slow for no apparent reason. Open your antivirus program and run a complete computer scan. If you do not have one already, download a reputed security software from the internet and install it.

Make sure that you update the computer periodically with relevant Windows updates. In addition, update the virus definitions of the antivirus programs and keep its shields active at all times, especially during internet access.

What Are The Causes Of A Slow Windows Explorer

Windows 7 Running Slow

All of the Windows operating systems use Windows Explorer for its file management requirements. It is an efficient tool that also provides easy navigational features. If you find the Windows Explorer in Windows 7 running slow, there can be many reasons for this. And in such an instance, it can be frustrating to work around the OS and to use the most basic functions and features. Before taking the computer to a technician, you can try out the tips provided here.

Scan for viruses

If there is a virus infection in your computer, the Windows Explorer is bound to run slow. To check for infections, start the antivirus program in your computer and run a complete scan. You can make use of subscription-based programs like McAfee and Norton or free antivirus programs like Avast! and AVG. Close all running programs before running the scan, as the slow computer would run slower once the antivirus scan initiates. When the scan results appear, you can Remove or Quarantine the virus infections accordingly.

Defragment hard drive

The presence of too much content on the hard drive can make the files and folders in it fragmented, causing the processor to put in extra efforts to access the contents. If the amount of fragmentation in your disc partitions is above the average level, the Windows Explorer can slow down considerably. To fix this, open up the Start Menu, navigate to All Programs, then System Tools, and then click on Defragment. Analyze the hard disk partitions and defragment those partitions that have more than 10 percent of fragmented files.

Windows 7 Operating System

Remove unnecessary files

Buildup of too many files and data in the computer can affect the computer’s performance. To clean up your personal files, browse through the hard drive and delete all files that you find unnecessary. To cleanup system files, use the Disc Cleanup utility. Open the Disk Cleanup utility from the System Tools folder in the Start Menu. Select the specific drive you want to check and click on OK. Once the scan finishes, select data to remove and click on OK again.

Remove external devices

If your Windows 7 device is actively managing external devices and drives, it will consume some system resources, making the Windows Explorer slow. To check why is Windows Explorer in Windows 7 running slow currently, remove all of the external devices including CDs, USB devices and network modems.

Additionally, you can try removing unnecessary and rarely used shortcuts from the desktop of the Windows 7 operating system.

How To Get Rid Of Certificate Error During Web Browsing

how to fix certificate error

The certificate error message is generated by your web browser. It appears when you attempt to visit a malicious website. If a website that you intended to visit has a fake security certificate, the browser will identify it immediately and alert the user about it with the certificate error message.

What is the key difference between a certified website and non-certified website?

A certified website will encrypt all the data that a user shares with it. It means that the user need not have to worry about his personal or confidential data being leaked online. Conversely, an uncertified website will not encrypt the user data. With such websites, chances are higher that your personal or confidential data is accessed by hackers or anyone who wish to access them intentionally.

What if a genuine website is detected by the browser as unauthorized?

Sometimes, certain genuine websites will be identified as unauthorized by certain websites. This can happen due to a number of factors such as outdated certification standard of the browser, a recent history of the website known to have been hacked, etc. Well, if you trust a website, you can tweak the browser settings and disable the certificate error messages. See the steps below on how to fix certificate error.


  • Navigate to the Start menu and choose Run from the resulting menu.
  • In the Run dialogue box, enter regedit and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. This will display the Registry Editor.
  • In the Registry Editor screen, go to the left side of the window (editor pane) and click open the below listed folder.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /SOFTWARE /Microsoft /Internet Explorer /Main /FeatureControl

  • Choose New option and select the option titled Key. In the Key space, enter the below given key.
certificate error messages


  • Proceed by hitting the Enter
    Again go to the Edit menu and choose New. Select the option that says DWORD Value.
  • Go to the value box and enter exe. Hit the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Go to the Edit menu again and select the Modify Make sure that the digit ‘1‘ is added in the modification area before clicking OK.

Following the above directions on how to fix certificate error, you have successfully fixed the issue in your web browser. Remember that keeping the certificate error option enabled is always recommended as it will ensure safe web browsing.

Microsoft Confirms Kernel Mode Driver Installation To Be Working Fine

Microsoft Help & Support

The recent Tuesday patch held some surprises for the users when they tried to install it. The latest kernel mode driver patch failed multiple times when people tried to install it in their computers. KB 3000061 is the knowledge base article that contains information about the driver installation. However, looks like the knowledge base article has not been updated post the installation error. However, there is a workaround for this issue, suggested by the Microsoft support engineer Joscon.
The workaround does not involve much to do but a simple deletion of a registry key. According to Microsoft help & support desk, this needs to be done with caution. When you work with the registry keys, it is important that you do it with care. According to the article, you need to delete the following key from the registry editor, HKLM\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ WINEVT\Publishers\ {e7ef96be-969f-414f-97d7-3ddb7b558ccc} and then reboot the computer. You can reinstall the key with the help of KB 3000061. This means that you need not restore it.
In order to make things easier for the user, Microsoft has made this process simpler. People using Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 systems can follow this method. You need to export and then delete the key value labeled here -HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ WINEVT\ Publishers\ {e7ef96be-969f-414f-97d7-3ddb7b558ccc}. After which you need to restart the system and the attempt one more time to update the same key. In case the above method proves to be worthless, there is an alternative tweak. Ping from the system and then follow as per the CBS logs from the computer.

Microsoft Support

Pinging is one of the best supported and proven methods. Hence, it is for sure that the install driver issue would be fixed. This might also happen when servers are upgraded from a lower version to a higher version. In such cases, the keys are being misplaced and are not set to the actual value. Hence, to solve this issue, the key should be given the right value. While this is still being pondered upon, removing the key and rebooting the system has proven to be a solution for this issue.
However, it is surprising that the issue is because of some in-place upgrade, since this issue pops up when people do an in line upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 8. On the other hand, people who performed a clean installation did not face this issue, claims Microsoft help & support desk. When you apply the KB 3000061 patch, systems running Windows 8 will not have this installation issue.

Procedure To Troubleshoot Windows 7 Sound Issue

Microsoft Help

While being ready to watch your favorite movie, you will be obviously irritated when you hear no audio. If so, execute the steps provided in this article carefully and try fixing the issue. Here are the Microsoft help steps:

First and foremost, you need to check your sound card. You can do that the following way:

  • Click ‘Start’ button.
  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ and click on it.
  • Select ‘System and Security.’ Within ‘System,’ click the ‘+’ icon located at the left of ‘Device Manager’
  • You need to right click on your sound card device. Click ‘Enable’. If you see ‘Disable’ written, the device is already enabled. Check the specifications. If you do not see any device, check whether there is a sound card installed in your system.

Try out ‘Microsoft Fix It’ solution:

  • Visit ‘Microsoft Support Fix It’ web page, search for the solution to this problem and download the fix.
  • Hit Run Now and then click Continue.
  • You will be notified about the issues on your sound card for fixing it.

In case this did not help you, you can any way update your sound card drivers:

  • You require opening your internet browser and then you can go to the web site of the manufacturer that produced the sound card you have installed in your system
  • Thereafter, download the latest driver update for your particular sound card and save it in your system. You will see that, the update file will then be a zip file, in most cases.
  • Locate the file you have just downloaded and then you need to right-click on it. You have to select Extract to here for extracting the file contents in the preferred location you have chosen.

    Microsoft Support Fix It

  • After that, you need to click on Start and then you need to click on Control Panel. Then, the Control Panel window and thereafter select the System and Security. Within ‘System and Security’, choose ‘Device Manager’ and then ‘Sound, video and game controllers.’
  • Then, find the sound card and double click on it.
  • Choose ‘Driver’ and select ‘Update Driver’. Thereafter, click ‘Search automatically for driver software.’ In case the search is unable to find the driver, then you need to click on ‘Browse my computer for driver software’. Find the driver that has been unzipped earlier and then click on Next.

Hope the above Microsoft help steps fixed your issue.


Surface Pro Mini Will Be Released With Windows 10


Prior to the release of Surface Pro 3 last year, there were rumors about a mini version of Surface Pro releasing very soon. But then it remained as such without any news. With the recent updates, looks like Surface Pro Mini has come back to limelight. Microsoft is planning to release Surface Pro mini along with the debut of Windows 10 next year. Meanwhile the date for the release of Windows 10 is not confirmed as of now.

The company looks quite confident about this miniature version, as the other version is doing quite well. Looking at the sales, it did not make that much profit in the first year. Last year, Surface sales have improved a little bit. Not much is known about this miniature version but it is said that it will be one of the first devices to have Windows 10 loaded in it. The tablet might be an eight inch or 10.1 inch display. Even if Microsoft releases this mini version, the sales will only kick off after the release of Windows 10 consumer version.


It is still a mystery why Microsoft has been delaying the release of the miniature version. The plan about releasing the miniature version has been in talks since 2012. But Microsoft made some last minute changes and postponed the release. Are there any Microsoft problems that are delaying the release? We need to wait as no one has a clue about it and neither has Microsoft commented on the same. Microsoft’s plan to release Surface Pro Mini with Windows 10 might be to ensure its success.

All those Windows and Microsoft fans will have to wait patiently for sometime before the actual release of Surface Pro Mini and Windows 10 operating system. Looking back on some of the previous releases from Microsoft it would be sensible to conclude and comment more about the latest products post the actual release. You never know how the software giant will come up with last minute changes. And we have no clue if the release will be worth the wait. It is way too early to comment right now.

It is expected that things would go as per plan if there won’t be any Microsoft problems with the surface tablet prior to the release. Anyways the next Microsoft Surface tablet Surface Pro 4 is in line for its release. They have given a timeline between April and September this year.

Windows 8 – An Advanced Operating System

Microsoft Help

Windows 8 is definitely one of the most advanced operating system versions that is studded with a plethora of sophisticated and unique applications and features. These include features such as the Charms Bar, Metro UI interface, live tiles, countless number of applications etc.

Although the operating system is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated OS versions, many users still think twice before installing it. Several users who had done the Windows 8 upgrade in the first place even started calling the Microsoft help and support team to know how to uninstall the OS. One of the main reasons for such a unanimous rejection among the users was that Microsoft Windows 8 didn’t have any basic or simple features like its prior versions. Most importantly, it did not have a Start Menu, which made things more complicated for many users.

Hence, even though Windows 8 fared better than most OS versions when it came to boot speeds, improved search function and Windows Live Syncing etc., several users still were apprehensive in installing the OS version. If the Windows 8 PC sales were hitting low figures, things were worse in the case of Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The smartphones that used this OS hardly managed to impress the users who found it easier to operate devices that used other OS versions like Android and iOS. These competitors almost looked to dethrone Microsoft’s supremacy in the tech field.

Microsoft Windows 8

Shortly after the launch and failure of Windows 8, the software giant launched another OS version, named as Windows 8.1. This operating system was nothing but an extended version of Windows 8 itself and included a Start button with many other useful applications. However, a large number of users who had already switched their base to aged OS versions like Windows 7 and XP didn’t find it right to again upgrade their systems, especially after the Windows 8 debacle. Hence, the software giant had to devise a novel business strategy i.e. to abandon the support for Windows XP in order to push the users to the touch-centric versions.

According to the Microsoft help and support team, in the last few months, many users have upgraded their systems to Windows 8 and 8.1. One of the main reasons for such an inclination towards the touch-centric versions is that the company has also announced the end of Windows 7 mainstream support by January, 2015. Apparently, the users now hardly have a choice than to switch over to Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems.

Windows 10 New Features Look Impressive

Microsoft Help & Support

Windows 10 is about to be released shortly. Microsoft developer’s team is busy giving it the final touch. Leaked reports from Microsoft help & support team has shed light on the exciting new features going to be integrated with Windows 10. According to Joe Belflore, Microsoft Windows Operating System Corporative Vice President, Windows 10 is going to be “One product family, one platform, one store”. His words give the hint that Windows 10 is going to be a one for all operating system.

With Windows 10, one does not have to look for different operating systems for each of the devices, say desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Windows 10 is said to offer better syncing options as well. Here is a brief account of some of the Windows 10 features.

Start Menu

Microsoft has decided to return the Start menu with Windows 10. In terms of features, it shares more commonalities with Windows 7 than Windows 8. Windows 8 came as a touch-screen friendly operating system. However, many desktop users found the touch-screen centric Windows 8 features quite inappropriate. What they were looking for was an operating system that provided them with better productivity, improved compatibility and better features. Windows 8 failed in all these aspects except that it looked impressive. On contrary, Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 both attractive and feature-rich. It will come as a mixture of both traditional and modern features.

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft has tried hard to retain the identity of Windows in Windows 10. With Windows 8, the tech giant was blamed for copying iOS and Android. The latest report shows that Windows 10 will have an entirely different user interface. It won’t be the Windows 8-like Metro UI but a much better UI which will have more traditional Windows elements.

Cortana in Windows 10

Since the release of the Windows 10 Tech preview, there have been reports about Cortana, a new feature going to be integrated with Windows 10. Rumour had it that the tech giant would roll out the Cortana feature on the upcoming Windows 10 releases (Windows 10 Consumer Preview). However, a recent report by Microsoft help & support team indicates that Cortana feature will be introduced only in the final Windows 10 version.

Windows 10 is said to have improved Task view, multiple desktops option, Snap improvements, etc. Millions of folks across the world are awaiting the Windows 10 release. Microsoft plans to release the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 early this year.


The Year 2015 For Microsoft

Microsoft Help

For Windows users, the year 2014 was full of waiting, testing and waiting again with much expectations. The preview of Windows 10 was released last year and this year Microsoft plans to release final Windows 10 version in the end of January. The success of Windows 10 is crucial since the previous operating systems Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 did not do well. Windows 10 will be a unified ecosystem that would run the same way across different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and more.

In the Q4 of 2014, it was expected that Google would top with the 20 applications that they released, but later we found Microsoft coming up with 24 applications and outperforming Google. Microsoft brought about some innovation in apps such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel along with the other Microsoft applications such as OneDrive, Bing, Lync and OneNote.

The software firm asked its customers to vote for the best Microsoft made application and the application that won was Movie Creator Beta. With the help of the Movie Creator app, users can create videos by combining different music tracks, pictures and videos. Moreover, users can share these with their family and friends. Apt Microsoft help is available for the same.

Microsoft Applications

While it is true that Apple has the capacity to woo their customers every time they come up with something new, it is also true that in the end, most people end up buying a Windows or an Android Phone. This is the case with most of the people, unless and until they have the guts to spend more than half of their savings for buying an iPhone or if they are able to afford one. With the so claimed ideal Windows 10 OS, Microsoft is planning to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT together.

With the corporate level cloud computing service Azure, Microsoft will be able to help corporate companies. Azure is a flexible machine learning cloud-computing service that has the ability to help companies store large volumes of data. Brad Anderson, the corporate VP of Microsoft’s cloud enterprises said that cloud and mobility is the future of the tech business world.

Executives prefer to have data and information available on the go. Cloud computing will be able to help such people. The best part is that it is safe and secure. With Microsoft help, computing and social networking are expected to see major upgrades this year.