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Microsoft Office 365 is one of the latest products from Microsoft, which is a subscription based online office. This suite is developed in the best interest to see that it is suitable in your workplace and hence it has collaborated all the features like social networking, email hosting along with a dedicated cloud service. This is the successor to the Microsoft’s online business suites. Support for Microsoft 365 is available in the Microsoft help line.

Cloud storage is the rage nowadays and hence you can work better if you are able to access key data and other useful documents from anywhere, which is one of the key advantages of using Microsoft 365. The productivity increases when the employers are able to work on the cloud. Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft Office 365 is advantageous when implemented in your workplace.

Dexterity To Work Anywhere

With the help of Microsoft 365, you will be able to access important data and other documents from anywhere where there is an internet connection. This feature lets you work with ease from anywhere, since the required data is not just stored in the machine that you work on in the office. The best part is that you will be able to access it from your smartphones as well.

Collaboration Among The Team Members With The Addition Of SharePoint

The collaboration becomes more effective with the addition of SharePoint. All the members of the team would be able to access the data and other important documents when they are readily available on the business updates, events and news. Communication among the members would be in real time and effective. The team will be spontaneously able to respond to challenges that come up with the help of Microsoft Office 365.

Subscription Based Online Office

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Vigorous Security With A Touch Of Enterprise

One of the best things about the cloud is that the level of security that it offers is very high that can match with the enterprise standards. Cloud storage is reliable and it is available for people who handle small businesses on a low budget. The advantage of cloud is that it is able to simplify managing IT in the most effective ways. You can be confident that the data is safe and has more control over your business with the help of Microsoft Office 365.

For more information about the subscription based online office, you can call up our Microsoft help line.

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Startup Accelerator For Home Automation Released By Microsoft

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The Redmond based software giant, in its latest Global Startup Day convention setup in San Francisco, announced that it will collaborating with one of the biggest private mutual company American Family Insurance (AFI). The main domains of American Family Insurance are related to property, casualty and auto insurance. The company is a strong player in these fields in America. Both these giants have come together to create a startup accelerator program for startup companies focusing on home automation. With this, both the companies are planning to help startups in creating advancements in the home automation sector so that homes could be made safer and smarter.

Corporate vice president at Developer Experience and Evangelism for Microsoft, Steve Guggenheimer has stated with enthusiasm about the new accelerator in the Microsoft help blog as follows, “Home automation is ripe for startup innovation, we are working closely with American Family Insurance to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for entrepreneurs in our accelerator. Startups accepted into the program will gain critical industry insight to build companies with the potential to have an enormous impact on our lives.” What Guggenheimer says is true, since not many have turned their eyes to the home automation field, there is large market with possibly no competition.

If the program pays off as intended, we would be able to see many inventions in the home automation field in the near future. According to the press release from Microsoft, the company will be providing startup participants with high technological knowledge that otherwise could not be accessed. The business partner of Microsoft- American Family Insurance, will make the participants ready for the market by supplying marketing tips for them. It is also heard that American Family Insurance will be offering young participants a minimum of $25000 in the form of equity investment.

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The managing director at American Family Ventures, Dan Reed stated as follows about the joint venture, “Working closely with startups and making early-stage investments in emerging technology companies is a great way to support the ecosystem and also benefit our customers. We look forward to working with the next generation of companies that are reimagining the connected home.” The company hopes that with the new inventions by the startup participants, they wish to make their policyholder’s home more safe and secure.

If you are into home automation, this is the right time to act upon; contact Microsoft help center for more details about the program.

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Viewing And Downloading Images In Outlook Email Messages

Email In Outlook

Images In Outlook

Sometimes, Outlook has the image-viewing disabled for email messages by default. This means that you will not see any images that are part of an incoming message, unless you alter the settings to allow that. The whole point of this image blocking is that you stay safe from intrusion via the message, but may often damage the appearance of an email in Outlook.

A message might be harder to read through without the accompanying images. There is a way to make Outlook download all images that come with an email message, after you have made sure that it is from a trusted source. Here is how to get remote images in.

Steps to follow

For downloading remotely stored images, which are not as attached images, go to the gray bar at the top of the email in Outlook, which has a Click here to download pictures button. This feature is in place to make your privacy more secure, and that is why the pictures are not shown right on opening the mail.

Click on the icon, and select Download Pictures from the context menu. After this, you can see all the images in the email message. This is cached so you do not have to repeat the process for any particular message. However, a new message from the same sender would require it.

Trusted Source

Images In Email

If you have configured Outlook Express not to download remote content, you can get around that too. It is easy to download images from a source that you trust. You will see an External Message Information Bar to the top of the original message, which says Some pictures have been blocked to help prevent the sender from identifying your computer. Click on the link so that Outlook Express downloads the images you want to view.

Repeat the same steps for other messages, but this particular one will always have the images visible. When an email in Outlook Express has embedded images which you want to download, right-click on the image, and choose Save image as from the menu you get. Select a destination folder to save the file, and click on Save.

That was how to manage the images appearing in your Outlook and Outlook Express emails. To know more about similar Outlook settings, call our tech support and they will assist you in the matter.

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Is Microsoft Working On A New Range Of Surface Tablets?

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According to some rumors on various Microsoft help & support forums, it looks like the Redmond based tech giant is all set to announce yet another series of Surface tablets. Microsoft launched the Surface tablet series back in October 2012, along with the release of a new Windows operating system, Windows 8. However, since then both the Windows 8 OS and the Microsoft Surface tablets have failed to make much of an impact in the market.

Microsoft keeps releasing more Surface tablet versions

From what one can gather from the online reports, the Surface tablet division has been a failure for Microsoft in the past couple of years, resulting in millions of dollars in losses. The tech giant simply failed to sell enough Surface tablets, as expected. All these unsold tablets forced many of its retail partners to abandon the Surface tablets altogether, and switch to trending Android and iOS tablet devices.

As it is with Windows 8 OS, Microsoft has been struggling continually to get things right in their Surface tablet series as well. With Windows 8, Microsoft has so far followed the policy making more and more changes through Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Update 1, and the soon-to-be released Windows 8.1 Update 2. They are following this same strategy with the Surface tablets as well.

The Microsoft Surface series is now in its third generation with Surface Pro 3 released in June 20, 2014. The 12-inch screen in Surface Pro 3 was an attempt to attract the laptop and hybrid devices users. However, this effort did not bear fruit either. According to rumours, Microsoft is working on a new series of 10.6-inch laptops now, which will be bundled with many new features and functions too.

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One of the features users can expect is the new pen support Microsoft has been working on for a while. According to the Microsoft help & support team, this innovative pen feature will improve the functioning of the Surface stylus, which will come as a standard accessory in the new model.

Apart from the new stylus and pen support, the device will be heavily equipped with many cool apps and programs that will work well with the pen input. In fact, according to some reports, Microsoft will introduce a new note-taking app to full advantage of this pen support feature. In addition, this new Surface tablet will also have all the other accessories like the detachable keyboard, docking station, etc.

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Microsoft Invites Beta Testers For OneNote

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The Redmond based software giant posted on its Microsoft help forum that they need some help from users who are willing to test the latest version of their OneNote application. Microsoft OneNote, earlier known as Microsoft Office OneNote, is an application that helps people in information gathering and multi user collaboration. The company is all set to launch the latest version of their operating system now, however they require some beta testers to test the application real time before the application is released to the market.

By requesting beta testers to take part in the testing, the company plans to improve their program by finding the issues with the program and fixing them. They are also looking for new ideas for improving the software. The company also plans to get new features added to the software from taking suggestions from their wide user base and developers.

According to the news we get from the Microsoft help forum, the company has setup two forums that are completely centered on OneNote to point out issues with the software. Apart from that, the company is also looking for beta testers for the Android version of the application.

It is a good move from Microsoft to release an Android version of the program. Since Android has the majority in the smartphones industry, by releasing an Android compliant version of the program, the company is targeting a lot of new users for their OneNote application.

Onenote Application

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If you consider the history of Microsoft, this is not the first time the company has decided to ask for user reviews. The company has earlier done the same for their Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming consoles. For both products, gamers were given an option to suggest changes for the consoles and the features they felt were necessary in it.

If you have volunteered as a beta tester, then you can offer suggestions and issues you have found in the program in any one of the forums. The forum also provides the users an ability to give a positive nod for the suggestions they like. Microsoft posted about the forum usage policies in their site, “If your suggestion matches an existing one, you can vote for it–you get 10 votes to distribute as you please, and if we fulfill a suggestion you voted for, you’ll get those votes back. Otherwise, you can submit a new suggestion along with a detailed description.”

The best thing about volunteering in beta testing is that you get to enjoy the software before everyone else.

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