Surface Pro Mini Will Be Released With Windows 10


Prior to the release of Surface Pro 3 last year, there were rumors about a mini version of Surface Pro releasing very soon. But then it remained as such without any news. With the recent updates, looks like Surface Pro Mini has come back to limelight. Microsoft is planning to release Surface Pro mini along with the debut of Windows 10 next year. Meanwhile the date for the release of Windows 10 is not confirmed as of now.

The company looks quite confident about this miniature version, as the other version is doing quite well. Looking at the sales, it did not make that much profit in the first year. Last year, Surface sales have improved a little bit. Not much is known about this miniature version but it is said that it will be one of the first devices to have Windows 10 loaded in it. The tablet might be an eight inch or 10.1 inch display. Even if Microsoft releases this mini version, the sales will only kick off after the release of Windows 10 consumer version.


It is still a mystery why Microsoft has been delaying the release of the miniature version. The plan about releasing the miniature version has been in talks since 2012. But Microsoft made some last minute changes and postponed the release. Are there any Microsoft problems that are delaying the release? We need to wait as no one has a clue about it and neither has Microsoft commented on the same. Microsoft’s plan to release Surface Pro Mini with Windows 10 might be to ensure its success.

All those Windows and Microsoft fans will have to wait patiently for sometime before the actual release of Surface Pro Mini and Windows 10 operating system. Looking back on some of the previous releases from Microsoft it would be sensible to conclude and comment more about the latest products post the actual release. You never know how the software giant will come up with last minute changes. And we have no clue if the release will be worth the wait. It is way too early to comment right now.

It is expected that things would go as per plan if there won’t be any Microsoft problems with the surface tablet prior to the release. Anyways the next Microsoft Surface tablet Surface Pro 4 is in line for its release. They have given a timeline between April and September this year.

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Windows 8 - An Advanced Operating System

Microsoft Help

Windows 8 is definitely one of the most advanced operating system versions that is studded with a plethora of sophisticated and unique applications and features. These include features such as the Charms Bar, Metro UI interface, live tiles, countless number of applications etc.

Although the operating system is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated OS versions, many users still think twice before installing it. Several users who had done the Windows 8 upgrade in the first place even started calling the Microsoft help and support team to know how to uninstall the OS. One of the main reasons for such a unanimous rejection among the users was that Microsoft Windows 8 didn’t have any basic or simple features like its prior versions. Most importantly, it did not have a Start Menu, which made things more complicated for many users.

Hence, even though Windows 8 fared better than most OS versions when it came to boot speeds, improved search function and Windows Live Syncing etc., several users still were apprehensive in installing the OS version. If the Windows 8 PC sales were hitting low figures, things were worse in the case of Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The smartphones that used this OS hardly managed to impress the users who found it easier to operate devices that used other OS versions like Android and iOS. These competitors almost looked to dethrone Microsoft’s supremacy in the tech field.

Microsoft Windows 8

Shortly after the launch and failure of Windows 8, the software giant launched another OS version, named as Windows 8.1. This operating system was nothing but an extended version of Windows 8 itself and included a Start button with many other useful applications. However, a large number of users who had already switched their base to aged OS versions like Windows 7 and XP didn’t find it right to again upgrade their systems, especially after the Windows 8 debacle. Hence, the software giant had to devise a novel business strategy i.e. to abandon the support for Windows XP in order to push the users to the touch-centric versions.

According to the Microsoft help and support team, in the last few months, many users have upgraded their systems to Windows 8 and 8.1. One of the main reasons for such an inclination towards the touch-centric versions is that the company has also announced the end of Windows 7 mainstream support by January, 2015. Apparently, the users now hardly have a choice than to switch over to Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems.

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Windows 10 New Features Look Impressive

Microsoft Help & Support

Windows 10 is about to be released shortly. Microsoft developer’s team is busy giving it the final touch. Leaked reports from Microsoft help & support team has shed light on the exciting new features going to be integrated with Windows 10. According to Joe Belflore, Microsoft Windows Operating System Corporative Vice President, Windows 10 is going to be “One product family, one platform, one store”. His words give the hint that Windows 10 is going to be a one for all operating system.

With Windows 10, one does not have to look for different operating systems for each of the devices, say desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Windows 10 is said to offer better syncing options as well. Here is a brief account of some of the Windows 10 features.

Start Menu

Microsoft has decided to return the Start menu with Windows 10. In terms of features, it shares more commonalities with Windows 7 than Windows 8. Windows 8 came as a touch-screen friendly operating system. However, many desktop users found the touch-screen centric Windows 8 features quite inappropriate. What they were looking for was an operating system that provided them with better productivity, improved compatibility and better features. Windows 8 failed in all these aspects except that it looked impressive. On contrary, Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 both attractive and feature-rich. It will come as a mixture of both traditional and modern features.

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft has tried hard to retain the identity of Windows in Windows 10. With Windows 8, the tech giant was blamed for copying iOS and Android. The latest report shows that Windows 10 will have an entirely different user interface. It won’t be the Windows 8-like Metro UI but a much better UI which will have more traditional Windows elements.

Cortana in Windows 10

Since the release of the Windows 10 Tech preview, there have been reports about Cortana, a new feature going to be integrated with Windows 10. Rumour had it that the tech giant would roll out the Cortana feature on the upcoming Windows 10 releases (Windows 10 Consumer Preview). However, a recent report by Microsoft help & support team indicates that Cortana feature will be introduced only in the final Windows 10 version.

Windows 10 is said to have improved Task view, multiple desktops option, Snap improvements, etc. Millions of folks across the world are awaiting the Windows 10 release. Microsoft plans to release the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 early this year.


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The Year 2015 For Microsoft

Microsoft Help

For Windows users, the year 2014 was full of waiting, testing and waiting again with much expectations. The preview of Windows 10 was released last year and this year Microsoft plans to release final Windows 10 version in the end of January. The success of Windows 10 is crucial since the previous operating systems Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 did not do well. Windows 10 will be a unified ecosystem that would run the same way across different devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and more.

In the Q4 of 2014, it was expected that Google would top with the 20 applications that they released, but later we found Microsoft coming up with 24 applications and outperforming Google. Microsoft brought about some innovation in apps such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel along with the other Microsoft applications such as OneDrive, Bing, Lync and OneNote.

The software firm asked its customers to vote for the best Microsoft made application and the application that won was Movie Creator Beta. With the help of the Movie Creator app, users can create videos by combining different music tracks, pictures and videos. Moreover, users can share these with their family and friends. Apt Microsoft help is available for the same.

Microsoft Applications

While it is true that Apple has the capacity to woo their customers every time they come up with something new, it is also true that in the end, most people end up buying a Windows or an Android Phone. This is the case with most of the people, unless and until they have the guts to spend more than half of their savings for buying an iPhone or if they are able to afford one. With the so claimed ideal Windows 10 OS, Microsoft is planning to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT together.

With the corporate level cloud computing service Azure, Microsoft will be able to help corporate companies. Azure is a flexible machine learning cloud-computing service that has the ability to help companies store large volumes of data. Brad Anderson, the corporate VP of Microsoft’s cloud enterprises said that cloud and mobility is the future of the tech business world.

Executives prefer to have data and information available on the go. Cloud computing will be able to help such people. The best part is that it is safe and secure. With Microsoft help, computing and social networking are expected to see major upgrades this year.

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Procedure To Remove The Babylon Search Tool

Remove Babylon Toolbar

Browser toolbars can be extremely irritating when you hate your browser real estate invaded by something else. Another problem can be the unsolicited changes in the browser setting. Babylon toolbar is one such toolbar, which most users find useless.

Babylon is a language translation program, downloadable online, or comes with some third party software. Babylon 7 or newer versions of the software automatically install a web browser toolbar, designed for making word translations easy from one language to another.

The toolbar is actually an Internet Explorer add-on program or application that allows users to enter foreign words in the given space and translate them to any language of their choice. When you look at its use, it is quite impressive. But the moment you install the Babylon 7 or newer versions, the Babylon Toolbar is glued to your web browsers.

This toolbar provides users the ability to perform translations without having to go through the inconvenience of navigating to the Babylon homepage. Moreover, the toolbar offers convenience to internet users for translating words to more than a hundred words.

Though there are some good features, it can be annoying when the toolbar is automatically installed. But you can remove this toolbar following the same process as required for removing any other program from your system. Here is how you can remove Babylon toolbar.


  • First, right-click on the Babylon icon in the system tray located near the time on the system’s taskbar, and select the Exit button. Then, you need to select the Yes button in the pop-up box for confirming that you wish to close the program.

    Toolbar Removal Software

  • After that, open the Windows Start menu by clicking on the Start button located at the lower left corner of the desktop screen and then select the Control Panel button.
  • You need to click on Uninstall a Program and you will be able to see a list of the currently installed applications in your system.
  • After that, select the Babylon Toolbar or the Babylon Bar and then click on Uninstall button. Confirm your selection by clicking Yes when prompted. Reboot your system for the modifications to take effect.

This way, you can remove Babylon toolbar from your computer easily. There are also toolbar removal software programs that are effective in removing annoying toolbars. If you find the above instructions tricky, install one such software and uninstall the toolbar.

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