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It seems that Microsoft is immensely encouraged by the good reception it received for some of the services it has launched lately. The tech giant has a slew of new services to be launched soon. Most of them are sure to go viral. A remarkable service I have found lately, which I am going to describe in detail here now, is RemoteApp service. The app is designed for users who want to access services and apps operating on Microsoft Azure. The beta version of the app is currently available for Windows RT users.

According to Microsoft help & support team, users can access apps such as Office and LOB, which operate on Windows Azure through the RemoteApp client. For Windows RT users, the app is of great use, as they can’t directly install many of the apps running on Windows Azure. Since the app operates in Windows Azure, although it seems to be running locally, users can use it to access the apps on Windows Azure from their Windows RT devices. According to a recent post published in Microsoft’s official post, RemoteApp client is the simplest way to maintain corporate documents and data intact.

Final version of Azure RemoteApp to be released soon

Microsoft said that it would release the final version of Windows Azure RemoteApp for Windows RT soon. The tech giant encouraged users to send their feedback of the beta version and stated that it would take into consideration the negative as well as positive feedbacks. The tech giant added that it wanted to bring out the final version of RemoteApp flawless. Codenamed Mohoro, Microsoft Azure RemoteApp for Windows RT has already received a large number of positive feedbacks from users across the world.

Getting started with Mohoro

Remoteapp Service

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If you plan to try out Mohoro (Microsoft Azure RemoteApp for Windows RT), navigate to Windows Store and download the beta version of the app. Once the app is downloaded, it will install automatically. Once the installation is over, launch the app. You will be directed to the welcome page upon the launch of the app. Provide your identification details when prompted. You can use your Microsoft account for the same. Follow the directions to start using the service.

In order to get familiar with other features of the app, go to the help section in the app or contact our Microsoft help & support desk.

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Microsoft Repairs Exchange Online Outage Issues

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According to recent sources, Microsoft has finally fixed the Exchange Outline outage issue that had been causing problems to the users. Several Microsoft Outlook users had experienced severe outage issues that blocked them from accessing emails for almost nine hours. Most of these users had posted their issues in the Microsoft help forum and had also been frantically calling up the Microsoft tech support number for help.

Although the company has not revealed the exact number of customers who were facing this issue, it is clear that a significant amount of users had gone through the same. This was evident from the large number of complaints that were posted in the Microsoft help forum and several other social media networking sites. Moreover, the fact that this Exchange Outline outage issue affected users during the U.S. working hours has affected even the business prospects of Microsoft. This is in fact an embarrassing situation for the software giant, which is already experiencing several issues due to the sudden rise of its competitors.

However, now sources close to the company have revealed that the issue has been permanently fixed. According to what Microsoft support official, David Zhang wrote in the Office 365 support forum, the investigation carried out by the company determined that a part of the networking infrastructure has entered into a degraded state. To resolve the end-user impact on the service, the engineers have made several configuration changes on the affected capacity.

Almost all users who experienced the Exchange Online outage complained that Microsoft didn’t communicate well with them and was slow to respond to this issue. It is evident that such outages make it difficult for most of the IT departments who have switched over from their own-premise servers to vendor-hosted cloud services such as Office 365.

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Support For Office

Microsoft Exchange Online is available as a standalone program as well as a part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Office 365 is available in different editions that vary in price as well as the applications and other options these comprise of. Most of the Office 365 editions are available with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Some of these also include the complete Office productivity app suite, which has all the features.

Since most of the IT companies rely on Exchange Online and other Office suite of applications developed by Microsoft, it is essential that the company fixes such issues at the earliest. Due to the advent of more competitors in the market, it is important for Microsoft to take necessary steps to stay a step ahead.

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Microsoft Could Be The Biggest Software As A Service Provider

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Microsoft could be the biggest SaaS (software as a service) player in the world in the coming two years. This as per the FBR analyst Daniel Ives. Ives said that he was optimistic about the vision of Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella for the SaaS product Office 365 and the company’s mobile strategies and cloud computing. In an interview for the CNBC program Fast Money, Ives said, “It is really more about Office 365.” “Everything we see on cloud really signifies a turnaround.” “We could view a $4bn to $5bn revenue stream [for Microsoft,]” he added.

As per the opinion of Ives, Microsoft Azure is “on the heels” of Amazon web services. “Office 365 penetration is tiny today.” “But if it takes off from a cloud perspective, the company could start to grow in high single-digits and get away from the challenging PC market,” he added. This is combined with what Microsoft is doing in the tablet and mobile space means, “You finally feel like there’s a pilot on the plane after 10 years of pain”, said Ives. The mobile Strategy of Nadella includes the decision to offer free Windows on some of the mobile devices. This information was posted in the Microsoft help forum.

“What he [Nadella] is starting to do on mobile, and the turnaround, we could see an incremental 40 cents to annual earnings, and that really gets us incrementally positive on the name,” said Ives. Ives had upgraded status of Microsoft from market perform to outperform, which saw Microsoft’s stock trade up by 1.5% in the intra-day trading on the US stock market the previous week. Microsoft’s board appointed Nadella as the third CEO of Microsoft in February 2014. Nadella, who was born in India, was previously the executive vice-president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group and he has been with the company for 22 years.

Software As A Service

Microsoft Forum

Nadella had sent an email message to the Microsoft staff that outlines his vision of the company. “Our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation,” he said in his mail. “This is a critical time for the industry and for Microsoft.” “Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places – as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it. Our job is to ensure that Microsoft thrives in a mobile and cloud-first world.”

If you wish to know more on this news, you can visit the Microsoft help forum. Many discussions are going on in the forum regarding this news.

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Visual Studio 14 CTP 2 Released

Named Visual Studio 14

Microsoft Help Info

Within a few months after the release of Community Technology Preview I, Microsoft Corporation rolled out the second Community Technology Preview (CTP 2) of the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio, which has been code named Visual Studio 14.

John Montgomery, Visual Studio director of program management, mentioned that the new release consists of multiple new features apart from those implemented in CTP 1. In this Microsoft help article we will discuss some of the main features.

Save and Apply Custom IDE Layouts: this allows you to save and apply custom layouts for tool windows in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Moreover, you can reorder, rename, and delete layouts from Manage Window Layouts. You will find Save Window Layout and Apply Window Layout commands located beneath the Window Menu.

Light Bulb Editor Adornment: This special feature provided by Microsoft help in identifying and fixing various issues concerning the code. You can hover over an issue to see a light bulb. The light bulb suggests various actions for resolving the problem, and provides a preview of proposed solutions.

Editor Touch Support: The Visual Studio Editor feature has been further enhanced to support advanced features, like touch gesture support, etc. You can now tap-and-hold to access context menus, double tap for word selection, etc.

All Caps: Recently an option was added to sentence case menus (in the Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013). Now, in Visual Studio 14 second Community Technology Preview, the Menu Bar styling has been changed to Title Case for everyone. Microsoft brought this change expecting feedback on the change, which would help determine whether the software corporation should keep it as it is in this preview, allow it as an option under the Tools/Options menu, or do something else.

Named Visual Studio 14

Microsoft Help Support

The Redmond-based software giant has made this preview available specifically for testing and feedback purposes only. This means that CTP is not intended for creating production code. Now, CTP 2 can actually be considered as a minor update, one which consists of fixes and tweaks. There are no big features in it.

Since it is not a Go Live version, it is not really meant for production computers or servers (probably the next one could be used for that purpose). Moreover, there is risk involved in installing a CTP release because it will definitely place you system in an unsupported state.

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The Simplest Method For Uninstalling Babylon Toolbar

Remove Babylon Toolbar

How To Remove Babylon Toolbar

If you are a regular internet user, you might notice that certain websites are in foreign languages. If you are not familiar with the language in which the content of the website is published, you can translate it with free web services like also offers a free toolbar. You can download this toolbar for free and install it on your web browser. Babylon toolbar simplifies the process of translating contents from foreign websites.

Babylon toolbar removal

If you find that Babylon toolbar is not necessary for you, you can get rid of it instantly. However, some users find the removal difficult. It is quite common and there is nothing to be worried as such. Babylon toolbar removal becomes difficult when it is infected by malware or viruses. With the help of a toolbar removal tool, you can get rid of this infected toolbar and make your browsing normal. It is also possible to uninstall the infected Babylon toolbar directly from the Control Panel.

How to remove Babylon toolbar from Control Panel?

Uninstalling the toolbar from the Control Panel is easier than other methods. You can uninstall it like any other program. Below given are the steps for the same.


  • Go to Start button on your desktop and choose Control Panel from the menu.
  • In the Control Panel window, locate Programs and Features icon and click it to open.
  • Locate the Programs icon and select the link that says Uninstall a Program. Windows will now open a new window with the list of all the programs in your PC.
  • Go through the list until you can see Babylon toolbar in it. Upon locating the toolbar, highlight it and select the Uninstall/Change button that you can see on top of the window.

    Remove Babylon Toolbar

    How To Remove Babylon Toolbar

  • Windows will prompt you now to confirm your decision to uninstall Babylon toolbar from the computer. Click Yes to confirm your decision and to proceed with the uninstallation.
  • Once the toolbar is removed, you will be notified with a message stating Babylon toolbar has been successfully uninstalled. Click Yes to close the dialogue box. If prompted, restart your PC to let the changes you made in the Control Panel settings take effect.

Following the above instructions, you have learnt how to remove Babylon toolbar from your PC. You can use the above steps for the removal any other annoying toolbars from your PC. If the steps didn’t help you with the desired results, execute an authentic toolbar removal tool instantly.

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