Microsoft Forced To Tweak IE Mobile Versions To Suit Non-Standard Mobile Websites

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In the past, web developers had to adjust their websites to be compatible with the non-standard versions of Internet Explorer. Now, it is the opposite. Microsoft is making changes to its Internet Explorer versions to make them compatible with thousands of non-standard websites. In fact, Microsoft is forced to do so because of the growing number of users abandoning the IE web browser and starting to use third party web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Thankfully, compatibility issue is affecting only the mobile versions of IE at the moment.

According to experts who handle Microsoft problems, websites that use Webkit browser engines face compatibility issues with certain mobile versions of Internet Explorer. Consequently, Microsoft is forced to tweak its IE versions to befit the standards of the webkit browser engine and enable the websites that employ it to load in IE without issues. The issue is reported with certain third party web browsers as well. This includes certain versions of Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari browser.

The experts added that most of the mobile web pages are designed in line with iOS and Android standards. Consequently, they face issues when being loaded in IE mobile versions, which are basically designed for Windows platform. The Microsoft tech support team is working out various solutions to address the issue effectively and for good.

Microsoft to collaborate with Mozilla to address the issue

Of late, it was reported that Microsoft is collaborating with Mozilla Foundation to address the website compatibility issues in their mobile browser versions. As part of the deal, Mozilla has started requesting its users to report any website loading issues as soon as they pop up. After receiving complaints from users, the company would approach the developers of those websites to fix the issue immediately. It is said that Microsoft would also start requesting its users to report issues.

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Microsoft claims to have examined more than 500 mobile websites

To ensure safe and smooth browsing experience of its IE mobile version users, Microsoft is said to have tested more than 500 popular mobile websites. The company has contacted the developers of those websites that have had loading issues in IE mobile versions.

Microsoft’s sincere efforts to troubleshoot the mobile website compatibility issues with IE mobile versions should be appreciated. However, in order to avoid similar Microsoft problems in future, the company has to restructure its mobile IE versions in congruence with iOS and Android platforms.

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Microsoft Stores Will Offer Few Free Services To Their Visiting Customers

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It was recently announced that all the customers visiting the Microsoft Stores in their neighbourhoods would receive some freebies. Some Microsoft help & support services like diagnostic services and malware removal support will be offered without any service charges. This is of course good news for many of the Windows OS users.

Free diagnostic and malware removal services offered to all visitors

Microsoft later clarified that these support services will be provided to any customer who shows up with his PC or mobile device at the Windows Store, irrespective of where he bought it from or the OS running on the machine. In other words, these Microsoft help & support services are available for all devices running on any OS.

The technicians at the Microsoft Store can also help with tuning up the device for boosting its performance. The diagnostics services, already mentioned, will detect any tech issues that might be slowing down your system performance. If these issues cannot be solved by a malware or virus scan, they will suggest another course of action. If any additional service is required, you might be charged for this. They will perform a thorough scan of the system detecting and removing all the viruses and malware.

Microsoft is offering these system tune-up, malware removal and diagnostic services as free-to-all services at their Microsoft Stores only. They are available for free online. For example, if you want to get the PC tune up or malware removal service from Microsoft technicians online, you might be asked to pay upto 99 dollars for this service.

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So, you are essentially saving that much money, if you can find the time to take your PC directly to the Microsoft technicians at the nearby Microsoft Store. So far, Microsoft has not announced any deadlines for this. So, we have to assume that this offer for free service is still available.

So, if you have spotted any Microsoft Store in your neighbourhood, just take your laptop or PC to the store and ask for these free support services. They will not charge you a dime for this. With all the malware and viruses removed and the system tuned up by the Microsoft technicians, you will soon notice significant improvements in the performance of the system.

Go to the Microsoft tech support website and visit the Answer Desk section to find out the location of the Microsoft Store located near you.

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Microsoft Shows Exemplary Social Commitment, Offers AU $4m Worth Donation To World Vision

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As part of its social commitment programs, Microsoft’s Australian division donated AU$4 million worth software products to World Vision. The aim of the donation, as stated by Microsoft Austria, is to improve the technical resources and capabilities of World Vision. World Vision is a non-profit organization that works for the welfare of children across the world.

Earlier too, Microsoft Australia has done exemplary jobs for social causes. The company has a special program called Tech4Good, which frequently analyses social issues and makes its presence felt in the form of appropriate intervention. A Microsoft Australia spokesperson said in a recent interview given to a popular Australian media firm that the donation will enable all staff at World Vision to have access to a large number of Microsoft products such as Exchange 2013, Project Server licenses, Lync 2013, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Windows 8.1 licensing, Visio 2013, SharePoint 2013, Office Professional Plus 2013 and Office 360 for collaboration.

World Vision’s in-charge of corporate partnership Ash Knop expressed his gratitude on behalf of the trust to Microsoft Australia for the mammoth donation. He said that the trust was extremely happy that world’s leading software developer has contributed so massively for the social cause that World Vision stood for. He said that Microsoft had done an exemplary job and admitted that the donation will help World Vision’s 45,000 above numbered staff across the world to enhance their productivity. He said that in addition to software and hardware products, the company would deliver extensive Microsoft help & support as well for all the services.

Knop revealed that World Vision has been working on enhancing its IT infrastructure to mobilize its workforce since long. He claimed that the trust has one of the best communication systems. He hoped that with the integration of the massive quantity of Microsoft products donated, the trust could further improve its systems and make them more robust.

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In an email interview with an online news portal, Knop explained how the donation made by Microsoft Australia could streamline the overall functionality of World Vision. While applications like SharePoint and Lync help mobilizing the human workforce nationally and internationally, Dynamic CRM and other applications could add to enhancing the flexibility and support options of the trust.

Knop admitted that World Vision could enhance its productivity and flexibility to work for more social causes after it started to work in partnership with Microsoft Australia. He said that Microsoft help & support was not only of financial support but also of moral support.

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Glitches With Microsoft's Monthly Patch Seem To Have No End

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One of the Microsoft problems that the software giant has long been striving to address is glitches with monthly patches. There is not even a single patch that has done remarkably well. In fact, everything has created fuss. While most of the previously released patches that created problems were designed for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the latest issue is with the patches designed for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Users who installed the patches experienced reboot problems. Some even had issues while installing the patches. What Microsoft has to say about the patch issue?

The Microsoft’s advisory that deals with all sorts of Microsoft problems including patch issues gave no technical details about the patch error. Instead, it insisted that users uninstall the patches as early as possible to avoid any future problems. It was reported that the tech giant has removed the Patches from Microsoft Download centre. Sources close to Microsoft advisory revealed lately that a special team has been appointed to investigate the reasons that led to the Patch error for some users in different parts of the world.

In October itself, the company has come across multiple update issues. Earlier in September, the software giant had assured that it would not allow any future update flaws to happen. But, reports show that the update flaws continue to pop up even after Microsoft issued the assurance.

Every update after April Patch Tuesday update suffered glitches – Report

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Surprisingly, a recent report published shows that every Patch Tuesday update Microsoft released since April this year suffered some sort of glitches. Since April, the software giant has issued more than seven updates. Some of these updates were in fact the reissues of the previous update, which had experienced potential problems.

According to the experts, the real reason behind the current Windows Update issue is the incompatibility with the Windows kernel fix. It had created issues in the past tool. They specified that KB 3000061 was flawed and had created update issues for many users who installed it. Similarly, the recently released KB 2949927 caused update issues on Windows Server 2008.

The continuity of flaws with Patch updates has forced people to denounce them. It is reported that after April Patch update flaws, many a number of users have stopped installing any Patch fixes for fear of undesired results. Thankfully, Microsoft hasn’t stopped working out different solutions to ultimately fix the issue.

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Windows XP Ditched By The Software Giant; The End Of An Era

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The world’s leading software maker has abandoned Windows XP from the list of supported products. Windows XP, the thirteen-year old operating system had reigned supreme for the majority of its existence. Only when Windows 7 was released, did XP lose some of its popularity; that too, not much. It is an incredible achievement to stay that long in the OS market and that too, as one of the most popular OS after thirteen years. For many XP users and Windows fans, end of XP seems to be the end of an era. Even if you are not much of a fan of XP, it is difficult not to be nostalgic hearing about the death of Windows XP.

Windows XP will always be the quintessential OS. For most users, XP OS represents what an operating system should be like. It is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the best operating system software developed by Microsoft or any company. So, the end of Microsoft help and support for Windows XP is bound to affect most of us. When we talk about Windows XP, it is more than just an OS. It is what most people consider the perfect OS. Even by today’s standards, Microsoft XP OS is solid. We will not be surprised if such an OS becomes popular when it is released now. The reason is obvious, it is simple – the most of what you need from an OS.

Microsoft XP OS

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The end of Microsoft help and support means users will not be receiving any security patches, feature updates and technical assistance from the company. The company will be offering paid services too. However, it might be hard to believe for Windows XP users that the OS is dead for all intents and purposes. Actually, as far as the software maker is concerned, it was long overdue. The company has to look at the future. With the mobile sector being the most active, the company is looking to unify its operating systems. Windows 8 is an attempt at such an OS.

Moreover, after the end of support, the Windows XP is highly unsafe to use. Even before the support ended, the OS was the target of many hackers, malicious codes, and malware software. After the end of support, things will be far easier for the malicious coders. So, it is anyway best to upgrade to newer versions than risking your important data using Windows XP.

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