Microsoft Pulls The Plug On Their Latest Update

Microsoft problems

Microsoft update problems

Windows 8.1 users were left fuming because the latest update released by Microsoft during Patch Tuesday were filled with bugs and caused the computers to behave erratically. Random restarts and many other serious issues were reported by users, who were left with a buggy computer, after their system automatically downloaded and installed the update.

In response, the IT giant has pulled several of the buggy updates from the auto update server channel and released statements on how to remove the existing updates from the system. In some cases, users have been told to uninstall the entire update itself.

Microsoft has officially reported that there are problems with three updates and have promptly removed them from their download channel. Even though Microsoft has officially provided the un-installation instructions for people, who want to remove these updates, Microsoft has not specifically stated that all users, including those who are unaffected, should remove these updates.

Two of these faulty updates are non-security updates released officially on Patch Tuesday and the third one is actually a new version of an older update for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Do note that only the metadata was supposed to change in the new version and users, who previously installed it, need not reinstall this one.

Here is a short preview of the different Microsoft problems and the issues it creates in the PC in order of severity:

  • Systems may crash with a 0×50 Stop error message in computers that have installed the following updates.
    Windows products

    Contact Microsoft support

    • 2982791 MS14-045: Description of the security update for kernel-mode drivers: August 12, 2014
    • 2970228 Update to support the new currency symbol for the Russian ruble in Windows
    • 2975719 August 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2
    • 2975331 August 2014 update rollup for Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012

    Font files that are installed in a location other than the default fonts directory cannot be changed, replaced, or deleted and a “File in use” message appears as if they are loaded into some active session.

    Fonts do not render correctly even after the updates listed above are installed.

    It’s surprising how Microsoft problems can escalate to such an extent time and again. Users are getting discouraged from purchasing Windows products and are looking for other alternatives.

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Microsoft Replaces Noisy And Faulty Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft Help Forum

Microsoft Help

Microsoft has now announced that they will replace the Xbox One gaming consoles that were affected by the recently discovered noise problems. “We have heard that a small number of Xbox One owners in some situations may hear a noise from the console that is too loud,” one of the spokespersons from Microsoft said to Eurogamer. “While this does not affect the safety or functionality of the system, we’re asking customers who believe they are experiencing this issue to contact Xbox Support. At the request of our customers, we are exchanging those consoles for new systems,” Microsoft said.

In a fifty page Microsoft help forum thread that started before a month, users have recounted the stories of their Xbox Ones making excessive amounts of sounds and noise even when the users are not playing any games. The original poster of the complaint describes the noise to be sounding like an old printer and lots of static.

“We have heard that a small number of Xbox One owners in some situations may hear a noise from the console that is too loud,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. “While this does not affect the safety or functionality of the system, we’re asking customers who believe they are experiencing this issue to contact Xbox Support. At the request of our customers, we are exchanging those consoles for new systems.”

As per the reports from CNET, there have been numerous complaints to Microsoft support regarding the noisy Xbox One gaming consoles. One of the spokespersons from Microsoft confirmed that the company would replace the faulty units as early as possible.

Noise Problems

Microsoft Support Forum

This is not the first issue that the gaming console is encountering. The predecessors had issues with the CD drive. There were grinding noises while trying to read CD disks in some of the consoles and Microsoft had given games free for some of these users. Microsoft comes up with prompt solutions to get rid of the issue with the Xbox One gaming consoles. The latest of the noise issues seem to have arisen recently, since Xbox One was sold at 39.99 dollars without a pack-in Kinect camera. If you wish to know more on this news, you can visit the Microsoft help forum. There are many discussions going on in the Microsoft help forum regarding the faulty Xbox One gaming consoles.

You can also contact the Microsoft support team to know more on this news.

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Microsoft May Support XP On UK Health Service PCs

Microsoft Help & Support

Microsoft Support

The love-hate relationship of Microsoft with the US government is now turning more amicable, at least for the Windows Phone. We all know that the government of United States is a big technology buyer. The federal IT budget for the year 2014 weighs in at over eighty one billion dollars. For the fiscal 2015, federal IT spending will dip somewhere to seventy nine billion dollars, as per the budget of White House.

Microsoft hopes that the built in capabilities of Windows Phone 8.1 will help the Redmond, Washington based software firm’s newest mobile operating system catch the eyes of the United State government and their security-minded agencies. These agencies are under pressure to adopt mobile-enabled work styles. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft help & support team.

Rick Engle, who is Microsoft’s principal Windows technology specialist, combats this idea that increased mobility means an increase in risk in a blog post detailing the measures that his company has taken to help the Windows Phone 8.1 safeguard the data. Having collaborated with Microsoft field personnel and customers in many verticals, Microsoft baked enterprise grade security into the operating system.

Included in the Windows 8.1 smartphones is the native virtual private networking (VPN) support. “Connections can be provisioned by an MDM and provide Single-Sign-On (SSO) security-hardened access through certificate authentication, and also reconnect automatically, providing a flexible and reliable connection,” informed Engle.

Mobile-Enabled Work Styles

Microsoft Assistance

Other features include a built-in MDM client that can connect into an organization’s MDM platform of choice. “Device enrollment has been dramatically simplified,” reported Engle, “lowering support costs and helping ease enrollment in both a Bring Your Own Device and a Corporate Liable scenario.” Granular MDM policies enable full control of the onboard hardware capabilities like camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC. The Assigned Access option offers a tightly controlled, curated experience, while app blacklisting and whitelisting controls keep unapproved at bay. Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions support simplifies the process of email encryption.

Windows Phone 8.1 is also a solution to the problem of weak or pilfered passwords. “One of the biggest breakthroughs is support for two-factor authentication,” said Engle. “Certified devices include a Trusted Platform Module, an encrypted hardware container can be used to store and help protect certificates, including PIN-protected certificates stored within a Virtual Smartcard container.”

If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Microsoft help & support team. They will be able to provide you more details on the news.

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Microsoft To Introduce Wearable For The Visually Impaired

Microsoft Help & Support

Help For Blind People

As it turns out, various rumours that suggested Microsoft is working on a wearable is true! However, it is not anything similar to the SmartWatch that Samsung is selling. Microsoft has focused on a more niche market by hoping to provide a wearable headband that will help blind people navigate their surroundings.

The band, called the “Alice Band” reportedly works by receiving the signals bounced from objects such as buildings and train carriages to a receiver that is fitted into the wearer’s headband. It provides feedback to the blind people through the use of sound signals, theoretically making them capable of finding their way through staircases, escalators and ticket barriers even in the busiest commuter stations and banks or shops. These results are formulated based on the feedback from 8 blind people in UK on whom the device is being tested on.

Very few details about the device has been made public until now and no existing rumours are being confirmed by Microsoft, but it has become obvious that this new product is not intended to rival Google Glass, which focuses on completely healthy individuals. It is not a commercial development either, with UK government chipping in as one of the funders and is in the esearch and testing phase by Future Cities Catapult. Microsoft is involved in another Catapult apart from Future Cities; Guide Dogs for the blind which is again undergoing a trial phase. You can contact our Microsoft Help & Support team to know about various other products that Microsoft is rumored to be tinkering with.

Guide Dogs

Support Technology For Visually Impaired

When contacted, Future Cities aid “Our Catapult is all about urban innovation. In particular, we’re focused squarely on the challenge of urban integration — how cities can take a more joined-up approach to the way they plan and operate. To improve quality of life, strengthen their economy and protect the environment.”

This is the first ever wearable device that is designed by Microsoft, but it would not be hitting the retails shelves since it is a part of a research project. However, this device has the potential to change millions of lives for the better, which means Microsoft might be positioning itself to become a dominant player in case this device hits off and shows the potential of generating revenue. Moreover, users have commended the efforts of Microsoft in developing this device, boosting the company’s reputation manifold.

Even if wearable technology is growing by leaps and bounds, the technology is still at its nascent stage and will take a few more years to turn into an accepted mainstream device. To know more about Alice Band, you may contact our Microsoft Help & Support team.

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Microsoft Pulls August Windows Update

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Issues

Microsoft has now pulled their August Update for Windows operating system after users reported issues and crashes while restarting their computers. Microsoft now recommends the users to uninstall the update. Microsoft said that they have found out issues relating to four individual updates that are associated with the August Update. These are the updates 2982791, 2975719, 2970228 and 297533. These updates address security and features and they were rolled out on August 2. Microsoft had updated their security bulletin MS14-045 on Friday to warn the users about Microsoft problems that are associated with the updates.

“Microsoft is investigating behavior associated with the installation of this update, and will update this bulletin when more information becomes available,” the company wrote. “Microsoft recommends that customers uninstall this update. As an added precaution, Microsoft has removed the download links to the 2982791 security update.”

Microsoft had identified three known issues regarding the behavior that was seen when the users installed the update. First, fonts that are installed in a location other than the default fonts directory cannot be changed when they are loaded into active sessions. Second, fonts do not render correctly. The third issue is the most problematic. Microsoft said that they are investigating reports that systems may crash with a “0×50 Stop error message” after installed these recent updates.

Downloaded The Update

Microsoft Support

If you are one among the users who have downloaded the update, you need not worry as there is a fix, but the fix needs some tinkering with the registry files in the computer. The security bulletin explains the steps that you will have to take. You will need to enter the Windows Recovery Environment. After entering, delete fntcache.dat file, reboot the PC, export the file, delete the file once again, uninstall the updates, restart the PC and then re import the font file. Previously, Microsoft had periodically issued many important software updates like Windows 8.1, offering significant feature updates to the operating system.

In the month of August, however, Microsoft moved away from that practice and now pairs small number of feature enhancements in conjunction with their monthly security updates. Microsoft has also issued a hotfix to all the important versions of IE. This was a patch that was unrelated to Windows update recall. This patch solved the issues with Microsoft’s browser after multiple dialog windows caused it to slow down. If you wish to know more on these Microsoft problems, you can contact our tech support number.

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